Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Bricks and Bats: 3 Day Bridge Workshop at SETI

Had lots of fun in the last three weeks...three weeks full of workshops for B.E. students. Everyone enjoyed. Here are a few representative testimonials (these testimonials were posted by the students on their facebook wall) written by the participants:

Vidyashree Boragalli (BE, CSE):

"Today was our training's 2'nd day..on Team Building,with lots of fun and enjoyment.
Thanks for Principal sir and Prasenjit sir for such a valuable guidance..."

"Today,we studied difference between Group and Leader,what r Leadership Qualities needed to build a leader,maturity Scale etc."

"These three days of Bridge Workshop were amazing...
Thanks to 'SANJEEVAN'.........& I m lucky to be a part of it!"

Sakina Najmi (BE, CSE):
"Its was awsme training the students of cse who mised dis traning dey mised everything i suggest dnt mis it next tym if u want to mis it ,mis it at ur own risk."

Nikita Jagdale (BE, EnTc):
"It was amazing experience to attend the workshop related to soft was the 1st day.......I have learned lot of things today...and excited for tomorrow because again something new I m going to learn.....:)"

"Today was the last day of's session was about leadership ..we learned what actual qualities should be their in leader,how to built up those qualities . In this 3 days I learned many things and I have started to implement some of things slowly...So it was not possible without PRINCIPLE SIR & PRASENJIT SIR....THANKS A LOT SIR...:)"

"Today's session was too good .it was about team work to work in team and many more things about it....some games we played related to team work we enjoyed and as well we learned .:)"

Kavita Jambhale passed-out student from Be EnTc):
"Thnx alot to Prasen Kamble sir & Vikram Patil sir for arranging inspired workshop for our juniors. im dam sure about that they will definitely implement in their future professional life."

Swapnali Patil (BE (EnTc):
"thanks a lot sir,
your guidance in the workshop very nice"

Prashant Jadhav (BE, EnTc):
the 3 days workshop on employability skills was very good.learn lot of new things...... thanks to Prasenjit sir and Principalsir....."

Poonam Khatale (BE, EnTc):
"The three days softskill session conducted by prsenjit sir an principal sir was too good which we ended up today.....we all enjoyed a to know many important skills an many minor aspects that were needed to develop......over all we had total fun so friends dont miss the precious days an knowledge........"

Pratiksha Hinukale (BE, EnTc):
"The three day softskill workshop ended today.It was very good as well as usefull to us.We learned how to work effectively so the result will be best . Thanks to our Prasenjit Kamble sir and principal sir.."

Priya Deshpande (BE, EnTc):
"The 3 days workshop on soft skills was tooooo good...contaning 5 modules..
1. Social n/w ing
2. Presentation
3. Team building 
4. Online carrier platform
5. Leadership
Which was unknown for us...
We learned n enjoyed a lot...
So thanx a lot to Prasen Kamble sir n Vikram Patil... sir ........"

Shweta Patil (BE, EnTc):
"One of the influential n beneficial workshop till now....!!!
Thanks to our Principal Sir & Presenjit Sir..."

Three more branches to follow in the coming days. Schedule II starting tomorrow.

A big thank you to all the participants and HR folks whose inputs made these workshops possible.