Monday, 15 July 2013

SETI Student Profiles: Vidyashree Boragalli

She is excellence personified. With her single pointed dedication and the acumen to utilize the available resources in the most innovative ways, she stands tall amongst her colleagues. Meet Ms. Vidyashree Boragalli, the shy SETI girl with big dreams and a still bigger commitment to translate them into reality. Vidyashree currently studying in BE (CSE) is every teacher’s dream student; sincere, punctual, committed, with an unquenching thirst to learn the new.

Hailing from a modest rural background, she converts technology into an art form when with characteristic quiet, step by step, she masters new technologies. I first noticed her when she landed up for my evening classes—something which very few engineering students do. Whereas more than 80% of the evening classes students dropped within the first two months, she remained throughout. “This is the best thing that happened to me in the college,” she once remarked about her experience in the evening classes where we discussed a lot of English language skills and soft skills.

Then when we started putting our students on the Edx circuit, Vidyashree not only ensured that she enrolled, but was one of the few students who actually completed the course. In the vacation following the end of her fifth semester, I saw her coming daily to the college when the college opened in the morning and leave the college only when all the labs were closed. All during the time, she diligently pursued the cs50x course from Harvard University. The way she worked through those lectures and assignments was exemplary in a true sense.

Even during the recent 3 day bridge Workshop, she made sure that she attended it even when theirs was scheduled in the vacation itself. Whereas a vast majority of her classmates chose to spend the last days of their vacation out of the college, she invested in her own learning. Vidyashree’s attitude, for me, can be summed-up in just one word: Excellence!

You can read Vidyashree’s blog here.

Download Vidyashree's CV from here