Friday, 31 May 2013

3 Day Bridge Workshop at Sanjeevan Engineering & Technology Institute

      As part of our quest to excel at Sanjeevan Engineering and Technology Institute (SETI), this year, we are beginning with a dedicated Training Calender. This launches SETI as the first engineering institute under Shivaji University to have a dedicated Training facility, a full-time trainer on campus and a pre-decided training schedule. The visionary zeal of our Principal, Dr. Vikram S. Patil, made it possible.

Workshops@SETI: Lots of Fun sprinkled with Learnings...
      The Training Calender consists of workshops graded as per the class beginning with FE and culminating into BE and ranging in topics as broad as life skills, soft skills, image and profile building and many other key skills that form a part of today's Professional Toolkit. But since we are beginning this year, we don't want our BE students to lose much upon the earlier skillsets, hence we have developed a three day Bridge Workshop Module comprising of the following modules which would be delivered in June 2013.

   Industry stalwarts, CEOs, HR folks, independent recruiters, TPOs, one and all concerned with student development are invited to comment on our initiative and suggest improvements.

  •   Social media Leverage: Almost everyone uses social media these days and someone shying away is a strict no-no by the industry. With competition rising and inflation and recession taking a toll, recruiters the world over are resorting to tracking social media profiles as an effective tool to assess a possible candidate. In this module, we show how each one can use the power of social media to create a 'expert' impression in the minds of potential recruiters and gain an upper-hand.
  • Online Test Platforms: Reliability, speed and time are major concerns plaguing the recruitment industry today. As an alternative major corporations are collaborating with third-party online platforms to do screening of candidates. An in-depth information about these platforms and tips on how to build your profile to increase your chances of getting shortlisted for interviews has become a knowledge of paramount importance. This module gives you just that.
  • Leadership : Organisations have shed their 'local' flavor in favour of a 'global' one. In such a scenario, everyone is a leader. The old paradigm of 'I Win-You Lose' has been replaced by 'Let's Win'. Knowing the people you deal with and accessing their inherent talents to mutual benefit is a core skill sought by industries today. This module on Leadership introduces to the students a practical way of assessing, delegating and getting work done in a 'Win-Win' scenario.
  • Presentation Skills: 'The way you present is the way you are' goes the new adage. Knowing how to plan, project and present available data, how to research and organize data and how to make it effective so that the audience is spell-bound forms the crux of today's networked organization. In this module, we introduce the concepts that go beyond mere Powerpoint and add a sheen to almost any presentation--be it corporate or academic; just the way the best presenters in the world do!
  • Team Building: Everything is a network and hence having the crucial skills to build, maintain and lead a team towards effective achievement of goals goes along way in furthering your career. Our Team Building Module imbibes just this skill in the students. Teaching them how to be aware of a team's needs, the dynamics involved and the necessity of a good team, this module steers past all other requirements laid down by the corporate world today. A must for everyone looking to excel in a corporate career.