Wednesday, 21 August 2013

SETI Student Profiles: Makarand Chopade

Congenial, jovial and affable by nature, he boasts of acting skills that very few could ever match. A natural and almost dedicated person, he usually lies low and at the same time makes his presence felt within his circles without creating any ripples. Meet the Makarand Chopade; the quintessential under-development mechanical engineer at SETI.

When I first met Makarand, it was because he had approached me to know more about how to know people. I suggested him a few books to read and assumed that he will soon lose steam in this as so many others had done before him, but week after week he persisted in his efforts. When it was not possible for him to acquire certain books, he should an amazing perseverance in getting them ordered and delivered through me. This simply prompted me to keep a tab; and I was surprised to find that he “actually” read those books.

Makarand is not only about efforts, he is also about passion. His passion for technology and acting is unparalleled. He is dedicated and enjoys life at the same time, and yes, he’s the kind of guy you can be sure about.

Time and again, over the last one and a half year, Makarand has proved his mettle as a sincere and hardworking engineer; a student whom the best of his teachers trust with a blind eye.