Friday, 16 August 2013

Positivity Unbound...

This year the first batch of our future-ready engineers is out. Though as an institution, we couldn't secure placements for all of them, reports as of today suggest that more than 70% have either got a job for themselves or are on the higher education track somewhere. This stats itself proves the efficiency and quality of the students we are molding here at SETI. Also the fact that our first batch is out brings us to the realization that we are now standing on the brink of the NBA accreditation process.

Accreditation through NBA is a mandatory quality marker for all professional education institutions. The NBA allotted grade is believed to define the overall quality of the institution and provide a benchmark for future aspirants. Though we are still 2-3 years away from facing the accreditation committee, preparations for the same have begun.

First in line was a power-packed 'Faculty Development Programme for the NBA' conducted by Dr. S. D. Awale, ex-chairman AICTE. A man with many laurels, Dr. Awale steered us through the staff requirements for NBA in an adroit way. Through oration laced with humor, well-timed examples and a concerted viewpoint, he opened the heart of the NBA for us.

But what I liked most was the genuine way in which he cared for the younger staff and provided his inputs and insights on how individual development and institutional development are interlinked. Presenting multiple sides of the engineer-teacher, he stressed upon the need to identify and develop individual strengths in the areas of learning, teaching, research, exposure, management and building self-evolved excellence.

As the day drifted towards the end, the positivity was on a rise and each one of us felt 'touched' by a Midas. Suddenly things started to fall in a single and focused perspective. We experienced an amazing clarity which will be the beacon for our days to come.